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Welcome to the Paul Richardson custom guitar website

and thank you for viewing my website.

Paul started making and designing guitars at the age of

11 and PRguitars was started in 1988 under the name of

A & P Richardson (see history) and has built up an excellent

reputation as a guitar maker and repairer. Making one off

hand made custom guitars and basses with now over 30 years

experience. Handcrafted out of the best woods and hardware

from all over the world.

It’s never been about how much it costs it’s about how good I can

possibly make a guitar or bass. With Stainless steel frets as standard on

all models.

Voted best of British guitar maker by the Guitarist magazine and guitarist

choice by the Guitarist magazine (see reviews) means you can be sure you will be

getting one of the very best hand built custom made guitars available in the UK.

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